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What is synaesthesia? Why is it important?

Crikey – the online Random House dictionary says synaesthesia (synesthesia in more search-friendly US English) ‘is a sensation produced in one modality when a stimulus is applied to another modality, as when the hearing of a certain sound induces the visualization … Continue reading

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On being a bit deaf

If you are not deaf, you might know someone who is. The admirable Gallaudet Research Institute gives some statistics: ‘if everyone who has any kind of “trouble” with their hearing is included then anywhere from 37 to 140 out of every 1,000 people … … Continue reading

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Gaming, scrolling, icons, bloat, Wagner and the alphabet: directions in comparative media

Gaming is probably the media industry currently most fully adapted to the digital world. Music and books are the most discussed examples of media change; by comparison the development of board games into the massive gaming industry now seems (retrospectively) the … Continue reading

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Baskerville versus the Kindle, Rounds 2–7, Hearing to Sustainability

In the previous post I pitted my Kindle against a book that is a minor masterpiece of eighteenth-century typography: John Baskerville’s 1760 edition of the Book of Common Prayer. I promise I went into this Battle of the Book-Related Christmas Presents with no preconceptions … Continue reading

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Have a merry multimodal Christmas

Christmas is a feast for all the senses, a search for a feeling of bodily quickening and life at this dead time of the year. In this part of the world we have the ‘Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols’ … Continue reading

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