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Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomist (exhibition review) #1

This is an unusual start to any review, but the gallery’s beautifully panelled and French-polished rosewood doors and postmodern urinal dividers in the spotless toilets were so unusual in their generosity to the possibility of civilized public behaviour that I … Continue reading

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A shout out for The Scream

‘Why is The Scream so iconic?’ a BBC webpage asks about what, as of Tuesday 2 May, is the world’s most expensive picture. It continues: ‘Professor Martin Kemp, emeritus professor of the History of Art at Oxford University … said it is … Continue reading

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Baskerville versus the Kindle versus the Medici Psalter – in praise of ordinariness

In my two previous posts I staged a mock battle between a 1760 book printed by John Baskerville and my Kindle. The ‘e-reader’, for a newcomer and late arrival, did surprisingly well, although I made no secret I like the … Continue reading

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Blog for blog’s sake?

Walter Pater, in his seraphic 1868 conclusion to The Renaissance, said: ‘Of the fruit of a quickened, multiplied consciousness, the poetic passion, the desire of beauty, the love of art for its own sake, has most. For art comes to … Continue reading

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