‘Brands, stock markets and traffic are the wilderness of today …’

‘Nature used to be an unpredictable place of mystery … Now, man-made cultural constructions are becoming increasingly autonomous and slipping out of our control.

‘Wild systems such as brands, stock markets and traffic are the wilderness of today. Nature has become culture and culture is turning into our new nature.

‘In the Animal pattern, 200 animal-shaped logos are set free.’


Fine insights and artwork from Karl Grandin, also available in his ironic and pleasurably commodified pullover:

About Propagandum

I’ve been working in book publishing for over 30 years – an industry now in rapid transition. So I’m interested in foundational principles for media, writing and language – what lessons can we learn for how we can and should communicate? How can we make sense of media/technology? Can we transfer some skills from the old to the new? I hope to share (every week-ish) some things I think are wonderful, rich and important. I write longish posts because our complex and fascinating world cannot be reduced to soundbites. Please let me know what you think – contact me at david@propagandum.com
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2 Responses to ‘Brands, stock markets and traffic are the wilderness of today …’

  1. I think this is why you see popular bloggers that offer a combination of DIY and survivalist and finance/investing content like Jacob Lund Fisker over at EarlyRetirementExtreme. Short but interesting little post.

    • Propagandum says:

      As you well spotted, this post was about 20 times shorter than the previous one – and 8 times more liked. Thanks too for the complimentary/complementary comment.

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