What is Propagandum?

Propagandum works with organizations that want to communicate rich or complex information effectively.

We’re more interested in creativity and results than labels, but here are some areas we work in:

  • media consultancy
  • user experience (UX)
  • information architecture
  • creativity consultancy.

We call ourselves a metadisciplinary communications and creativity consultancy because problems don’t usually come in neat boxes. We are industrial hermeneuticists – reality is complicated, but our job is to make it make sense. We are ‘the understanders’.

We love to design elegant and effective solutions where power and investment (emotional as well as financial) are asymmetrical – there cannot be another way. We really understand our customers trust us with their professional lives.

We also understand that reaching out can feel like a big step. You know we would be lying if we promised that working with us is always easy. But we can promise we will always try to work with you in the fullest reality of our humanity and tell the truth, even if it is against our short-term interest. If this hasn’t put you off, send us a quick enquiry …


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