Making sense

Propagandum will help you say something interesting, true or deeply felt – ideally all three.

And whatever medium we look at, the real message is the kind of thoughts and feelings we have inside our heads. Many companies don’t realize how difficult it is to understand their product or service. Propagandum can design or fine-tune your words and pictures for the web, print or social media so that the messages are clear, connected and powerful.


A Cambridgeshire charity for people with hearing loss is revising its marketing materials to be more effective. Bearing in mind a target group of people mostly aged 50+, Propagandum judiciously redesigns their logo and stationery but radically simplifies and shortens the writing. Instead of talking from the charity’s point of view, the leaflet now raises the typical questions of a potential user – and answers them. The result: a significant increase in demand and improved perception of the quality of service. Staff and volunteers also respond well to a clearer expression of the purpose of their work.

Some more ideas

  • ‘Super-editing’: we can review all or any of your written instructions and documentation to make them easier to understand. Anxious customers find clear words reassuring. We can save you many hours of expensive customer support.
  • A company writing and spelling style guide will create a better impression on your customers and improve in-house company cohesion and common purpose. We can review your current practice and launch it in-house in a way that will convince brickbat-throwers and bunker-dwellers alike.
  • ‘How to lose friends and alienate people’: unless you sell potato’s (as they say) for a living, if you or your staff spell or write badly your potential customers will have a low opinion of your company’s competence. Propagandum offers entertaining but purposeful workshops and back-up on better writing and spelling.
  • Signage that makes sense: organizations spend millions of pounds on buildings and then allow a riot of cheap DIY signage to hector or patronize us. At worst, signage even promotes the kind of behaviour it is intended to stop. Propagandum can train staff to understand the language of signs and to value simplicity, elegance and consistency.

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