About us

Ernest Dalton is Creative Director. He writes: ‘I am a medical communication specialist. You would think that would make a difference when I get ill. But it’s complex. I have 30 years’ experience of bringing a patient perspective to medical education. This means I have had to become an expert on managing change and the anxiety it creates. When I was 15 I sold curtains in Shepherds Bush Market. I’ve been a playwright, commissioned to write a film for Channel 4, made a film with the Westside Health Authority in Chicago and had a book published of two of my plays, The Spanner Experiment (Just Press, 2010). In 2011, I was an invited assessor for the round of general practice recruitment for London; in February I was part of the Royal College of General Practitioners international development team in Libya. Change not only happens to us but arises from within. Good communication may be an aspiration, making it is an inspiration.’

David Williams is Managing Director. He writes: ‘One of my earliest efforts to make sense of words was when I was 8, trying to work out what “Trespassers will be prosecuted” meant and wondering what it had to do with that bit in our daily school prayer about forgiving them. Later I went to Christ Church, Oxford, to read English. My first job in publishing was at the Reader’s Digest, working on their highly quantitative direct mail marketing. After several jobs in editing and production in independent book publishing, in 1996 I started The Running Head Limited, a visionary gestalt editing/design book production company. Our customers included Oxford University Press, Jesus College Cambridge, Routledge, Thames & Hudson and Blackwell. After the e-book/internet-induced implosion of the traditional publishing model, the ultra-complexity of the new mediascape – after the cyber-Gold Rush – led me to think there was a demand for the mature kinds of skills offered by Propagandum, founded with Ernest Dalton in 2011.’

The company office is at

23 City Road

+44(0)1223 301170


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